Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Winter Learning Journey: Day 1: Activity 1: Pepeha.

Introduction: During the school holidays the Learning Journey people have made us Winter Learning Journey Activities and we have 10 activities during the 2 week time period. 5 activities for 1 week and then the other I will be trying to post all the activities up each day. Check Activity 1 down below!

Task Description: For our first activity/day 1, we are starting off with our pepeha an introducing me. Telling things about me and where I am from, also we are smart learners so we don't use last names or any personal stuff only initials. Hope you enjoy my pepeha and keep tuning in to all my blog posts this week.


Friday, 3 July 2020

Genius Hour.

Task Description: For the past few weeks we have been working on our genius hour presentation and product. I have been passionate about my language which is Cook Island and we had to stand up and tell the class what we have done. Mrs Tele'a was scoring our presentations and how well we can speak infront of a audience, below is my score and I got 21 out of 25.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Figurative Language.

Task Description:
For writing this week we are learning figurative language with onomatopoeia, metaphor, hyperbole, and alliteration. We are working on how we use them and coming up with sentences using each this so we know what they are.


Monday, 29 June 2020

Matariki Fun Day.

Task Description:For this mornings task we are posting a short blog post telling what Matariki is all about and highlights from our Matariki fun day. We as a class are explaining why NZ should celebrate Matariki and why we should we keep celebrating it?.


Maori New Year

Last week on Friday Point England school got mixed up into different classes for Matariki, as we are celebrating a Maori New Year. We went into our classes and I was in cooking, the subjects are cooking, arts&crafts, movie making, and sports. I had lots of fun creating, making, and helping, because all these things is what my class had done together as a team and had a yummy lunch for a treat.

Celebrating what? 
Matariki is the named Maori in the middle of winter for a star constellation, it represents a great moment in the Maori New Year's. 

What do we see on the sky at the time? 
After sun set the constellations are visible in the middle of the night, while the  Matariki Festival is on  you can see seven stars-

1. Matariki
2. Tupu a nuku
3. Tupu a rangi
4. Waipunarangi
5. Waiti
6. Waita
7. Ururangi

Highlights? I was in cooking with Mrs Tele'a

1. My highlight is that me and my team won the competition of who was the best decorated eating table and that we all worked together to make origami stars and the first to do them too.

2. My second highlight is that we all had fun together as a cooking class to help each other out and have a yummy lunch together.

Should NZ celebrate this? Yes  Why?
Because this signals an important time in the  New Zealand calendar,  Matariki is a celebration of culture, culture, language and history. Matariki is part of New Zealand's history and starting a new year for Maori people.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Relationships Graphs.

WALT: Understand and create relationship graphs.

Task Description: For this maths task I had to answer down what t I think is right for the questions given. We are learning how to tell relationship graph and understand it too, so this is all about feelings and weather, but also for our create task was to make a graph using feelings about our favourite tv programme, sports, and book.

A Game Of Card - New Words.

Task Description: This Weeks reading we having done a vocabulary poster from a book called Game Of Card, and we had to copy down each word that our teacher has put down on the board. The words were some that our class didn't know so we had to find the meaning and the meaning of the little sentence in the bottom right corner, also there were places mentioned to we marked where in New Zealand was Rongopai and Waituhi.

5 Awesome Things About Living In My Bubble Chart.

Task Description: Here is a pie graph of what our class Room 3 has done during living in our bubble, 5 things form each of us and what we did and also what we enjoyed during lock down. This tells how many things we have done the same and things that we've done differently, but also knowing what fun things we have done during lock down.