Thursday, 21 September 2017


Draw your pictures and show your working out in your maths book:

1.  Share 3 pizzas between 5 people. What fraction do they each get?  Draw your answer.
20 Sep 2017 14:42:17.jpg
They get ¼ of the pizza each.

2. Share 8 chocolate bars between 3 people. How much does each person get? Draw your
21 Sep 2017 12:08:49.jpg
They each get 2 pieces in the first place and then you split the last 2 pieces into thirds and that is how much they get 2/8 and a hole of one piece

3. A family ate 18 slices of pizza. Each slice is ⅓ of a pizza. How many whole pizzas did they eat?
21 Sep 2017 12:19:15.jpg
They ate 7 hole pizza’s.

4. Tiana and Jade had ⅓ of a cake. They shared this between them. How much cake did the each get?21 Sep 2017 12:22:18.jpg
They each get a half of the 1//3

5. Tom had ⅔ of a pie left. He shared it with his girlfriend. What fraction of the pie did they each get?
21 Sep 2017 12:28:11.jpg
They each get 2 halfs of the 2 pieces left

7.  The winning team at the tournament took home a share of the prize money. There were 6 members in the winning team. Sione decided he was going to save ½ of what he won. What fraction of the total prize money did he spend?
21 Sep 2017 12:34:03.jpg

He spend 1 half/5 of the money.

Walt: Use multiplication and division to solve fraction problems
Task Description: This is a fractions activity about how to split them up and add them.

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