Thursday, 27 October 2016

Making Our School Clean.

Today Room 13 picked up rubbish to make the school spotless and help Mr Ken because he has cleaned up the school for  a long time so we wanted to help and make kindness.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

coke and Mentos experiment.

In week 1 we did a Coke and Mentos experiment and it was fun. Every body got to see it exploed and it did'nt go very high but it was still cool.

Stuck In A Jar Trap.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lucy and she was 10 years old. She went to her friends house and they were magic people. Then they both went in her friends room and it had a lot of potions in it, then Lucy accidentally tipped  a potion  over and the glass and  cracked it  and went all around her. Then she was in a different country called Paris . Also she was in a large jar in the Awesome Forest and this happened on her 10th Birthday.

Then Lucy “said help me she screamed” she was so hungry and thirsty. She slept overnight and then there was something in her pocket. It was a little fairy she was very tiny and her name was Lillyana. She fell in her pocket when Lucy tipped over the potion and the shelf wriggled a little bit. After that she gave Lucy some food and water then Lucy ’’said thank you’’ then Lillyana ’’said you well come’’ know let's get you out here 1, 2 3 presto.

After that they  were back in Lucy’s friends room she was looking everywhere even in China and India. Also her parents were worried too they were so happy to see her. Then they “said it is still some ones birthday” let’s go out and get some dinner at your favourite place Hong Kong. “Well then let’s go” said Lucy “I’m starving”.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Popcorn Science.

Today we made popcorn we learnt  how the corn Kenel changes beacuse of the heat.

Monday, 17 October 2016


The ingredients you will need is corn flour, water and don’t forget the food colouring you can use any colour you want. Then you put some corn flour in a bowl and the water but make sure you pour the water in the bowl carefully and mix it carefully  too. After that you can start having a little play with is and mixing it. Then you can add your food colouring my colour was red.

When I felt it it was very hard but it looked like a liquid in the bowl. Also it was very hard to pick it up and clean it of the table. But when you put it in your hand it goes slimey but it is still hard and that is very cool.

I think it is solid because when I tried to pick it up it was very hard. Also when it goes slimey it was still hard. So it is a solid experiment.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

My Fun Holidays.

In the holidays I went to Glen Innes with my mum, sister and baby sister. We went on October the 7th and we walked there. We went to the 2 dollar shop and I  bought a red sparkly wand stick my sister bort a long bubble stick and my sister also got a long bubble  stick too.

After that we went to McDonalds, I had a big mac combo. My sister also had big mac combo and my baby sister had a happy meal. We went to Glen Innes  because we went on a special  day out.

After that we went home and when we got home me and my sisters opened the bubble sticks. We played with it all day long.