Friday, 15 September 2017

My Cool StarDome Trip.

On Thursday the 14th of September it was finally our StarDome trip. We were go on a bus to StarDome and it was in One Tree Hill. It was kind of far from school and very long.

My class room 6 went in the morning also half of room 7. Before we went on the bus we did our roll and get into our teams. After that we hopped on the bus and took a seat in front towards the back. We all sang songs and we all took some cool photo’s.

When we all got there we were actually very early. So for being very early we got to play on the playground. The first actual thing that I did was that I went on the flying fox even Miss Scanlan went on it. After play time our instructor called us over and then we all rushed straight for it sitting in our team lines.

When we got into our lines we were ready to go inside 1 by 1. The first thing when I walked in I saw a gallery full of  planets and different kind of rocks. We took a look around and then it was time to learn about some cool planets.

We lined up at a door and we were given instructions. So when we went in the space room we each sat on a chair. Then our instructor was telling us all about the Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. After all those facts we were ready to do a team quiz.

All the teams got an Ipad each and we had our own names. Our name was Mercury. We had to answer 7 question each and see if it was all correct. After the big space quiz we checked how much we got right and it was 5 out of 7. That was a fun quiz.

Last but not least we went into this cool space dome that was very big It even had recliner chairs. It was so relaxing and also comfortable.
We each sat in one recliner chair and looked up watching a movie. It was a movie about discovering about 3 different planets. It was for 45 minutes not that long.

Then it was time to go back to school. We said by to our nice instructor and then hopped on the bus before it left us. It was a very cool trip to StarDome it was actually my first time to StarDome.

The End

Walt: Break up our ideas into different paragraphs.
Task description: This is a recount about our cool trip to StarDome.

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