Monday, 9 April 2018

My New Duffy Book For 2018 - My School Project - TOM GATES

This is my 1st new Duffy Book for 2018 Term 1. My book is called My School Project Tom Gates. This book is all about working hard at school project, and Tom has found out all kinds of interesting fact that he was expecting to get some. Stuff like.
Mum and Dad getting together because of cake ( full story inside ).
Cat sleep for 70% of their lives. ( Furry Fact )
And peppermint ice-cream is just WRONG
( TRUE ).
Well that's mostly everything about this Tom Gates Story.
Bye bye

Paige - Recycling Poster - Plastic Bottle Recycleing.

Walt: Locate and share in my own words information from a variety of texts.
Task Description: This is a Recycling Process about Respecting recycling that are happining around the world.