Monday, 25 September 2017

Fraction Problems.

Fraction problems
Find the answer to these problems using multiplication and Division.
Copy one problem and answer, draw a picture for the problem and post it to your blog.
Word Answer
There are 20 sweets in a packet. How many are there in 1/4 a packet?
4x 5=20
5 sweets in ¼ of a packet.
A fish is 15cm long. The tail is ⅕ of the fish. How long is the tail?
15 ÷ 5= 3
5x3= 15
The tail is 5 cm.
There are 18 slices of ham in a packet. Mum uses 1/6 to make the lunch, how much is left?
18÷6= 3
6x3= 18
There are 3 left.
Mrs Carter gets 30 new books. She lends 1/3 of them to Miss Young. How many books does she lend to Miss Young?
30÷3= 10
She lended 10 books to her.
There were 35 people waiting for their turn on the Ferris Wheel. ⅕ got sick of waiting and left. How many are still waiting?
7 are still waiting.
There are 24 students in the class. Only ¾  have brought their permission slips back. How many have brought their permission slips back?
24÷4= 6
But she want’s 3 of them so 6+6+6=18
4x6= 18
18 has been brought back.
There are 45 biscuits in the packet. ⅖ of them are broken. How many are broken?
But  there 2 broken so 9+9=18
But there are 18 brocken
So there are 18 biscuits broken

Walt: Use repeated copying to solve simple problems using ratios

Task Description: This is a fraction problem activity all about fractions.

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