Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The awesome trip to Te Tuhi.

Today Room 13 went on a trip to Te Tuhi. We went on a bus and when we got on the bus we sat down quietly. Then we got of the bus and went inside Te Tuhi. Then we met a man called Jeremy. Jeremy asked us to stand in 2 lines so we did. Then he showed us the Art gallrey and he told us to sit down on a chair. We had a blue cardboard and had a lot of colourful shapes. Then we tried to make our own Dream House with the colourful shapes. Then we had to outline it with a black vivid. After we outlined it we put cool designs on it with a pencil. After we finished our Dream House art Jeremy showed us 3 things and it was watching videos and the first video was called Beauty and the Best but different to the carton one. The second one was called Melting Medal. The last thing we saw was a paintings of your friends head. After that we left with our pictures and said bye Jeremy !

Friday, 24 June 2016


Coldplay is a band that is from London in England. The have won 62 awards and they have made 7 albums. The album that they made is called ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. Today Room 13 is looking at a music video called Up and Up.

Something crazy that I saw was a city that is upside down and that the  sea is on earth and an outer space hover bridge. Also  I saw  people swimming in a washing machine and the coolest thing is that I saw was a sponge football field. I saw a very cool thing too and it is a popcorn volcano.

My favourite part was the outer space hover bridge. It is so cool I thought if that was real and I think it will be very cool.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The fantastic Manta Resort Underwaer Hotel

In Africa there is a hotel that is called the Manta Resort Underwater Hotel. It is in the  middle of the sea in Pemba Island. Also it’s surrounded by schools of fish and water.

When you look out of the window at day time you can see fish and  nice clear water. Also when you go outside on the top of the hotel there is a bed and at nighttime you can lie on it and above you you can see gazing stars. At night time the people in the hotel they put up special lights so they can see the fish and when the special lights are up all the fish comes surrounding the hotel.

You can swim at the hotel and before you go in the sea your butler gives you a cold drink. When you go on top of the roof you can jump off it and do some big boom bombs. You can go to the blue hole and see fish when you swim. At night you can go star gazing  that is beautiful. Also you can swim with the fish which is very cool.

Friday, 10 June 2016


Mice are cute because they have fluffy fur but they don’t have fur on their long tail. They have big ears that can hear at night and dark black eyes. Also they have 4 legs that look like hands when they run and  long whiskers so they can feel at night time.

When mice eat they nibble food and drink clean water. They eat vegetables, fruit, nuts and dog biscuits also they eat paper which is really crazy!

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Rich and Famous Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House is in Australia. It is surrounded by water and it is New Zealand's closest neighbour.

The Opera House looks like a pile of plates in a dish rack in the day time. The roof  looks like shark fins in the day time to. At night time they amazingly light up colourful colours for people to see.

In the Sydney Opera House there are performances that people can go to and there are over 7 million people that goes there every year to see the performances that are at the Sydney Opera House. There are singing, acting, gymnastics and stantse that they perform for people.