Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Story About The Flying Shark.

Once upon a time in a Never Land Island there became a shark who fly's and a bit like a foolish shark. But this shark ain't an ordinary  shark it is a shark who controls the weather. Also he kind of raps to.
Boom! Mind Blown

Then one day I thought that I could go to this island if it is possible Hmmm…. Yup it is. The Never Land Island must be far away. So we should use a map. “There it is I shouted” out loud. The next mystiorse day. That was the island where people have never been that's why it is called the Never land island I spotted.

When I was walking along the beach on that same island I saw something mysterious. When I started getting closer and closer it was a SHARK. "A flying shark" I yelled out loud. Then the shark went what,  who said that he was so confused because he did realise that this was a Never land island right?

That same day I raced back to boat thinking very weirdly. Dogh silly me this might be a mistake I thought. I went back outside and I thought that I should check if it is real. When I saw the flying shark he went oh my god thank goodness there not a monster on this Island. Oh sorry did I scare you of that other time, so sorry let me introduce myself. “Hi I’m Spook the flying shark as usual” he said with a little sigh. “Hi” I said can we friends, of course we can did know that I can rap and also control the weather cool right.

Then next following week we became best friends for ever even with a shark. some nights he sang me some of is cool rap songs. He will go flying in the sky even at night time. We are going to be together for ever.

The End

Walt: Link my ideas between each paragraph
Task Description: This is a cool narrative story about a flying shark who can rap  and a shark who can control the weather.

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