Thursday, 16 June 2016

The fantastic Manta Resort Underwaer Hotel

In Africa there is a hotel that is called the Manta Resort Underwater Hotel. It is in the  middle of the sea in Pemba Island. Also it’s surrounded by schools of fish and water.

When you look out of the window at day time you can see fish and  nice clear water. Also when you go outside on the top of the hotel there is a bed and at nighttime you can lie on it and above you you can see gazing stars. At night time the people in the hotel they put up special lights so they can see the fish and when the special lights are up all the fish comes surrounding the hotel.

You can swim at the hotel and before you go in the sea your butler gives you a cold drink. When you go on top of the roof you can jump off it and do some big boom bombs. You can go to the blue hole and see fish when you swim. At night you can go star gazing  that is beautiful. Also you can swim with the fish which is very cool.


  1. I like your lovery picture it is so so so cool you had big and long writing it is so long and big I liked that you add heaps of detail hug hug hug hug from punaiuru bye bye hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

  2. Hi Paige I love your senetces it has so much detail.You photo is nice and it has lots of lights colours.I like how you added glazing star in you senetce.From your best freind Leilani

  3. I like your lovey writing about your manta resort and your cool picture . I hope you have full spots and capital letters.