Friday, 5 January 2018

Paige Holiday Blogging - How To Make A Octopus Out Of A Toilet Paper Roll.

Task Description - So today i have made a presentation about how to make a octopus out of a toilet paper roll.  I hope you will try this great craft that I have made. Make sure to leave a positive comment on my blog post ( if you like it ). I hope you enjoy making your very own octopus craft. Keep learning new things and make sure to keep safe. May god bless you and your family. I will leave a link to the website of you are confused with my photos down below.
Bye bye

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  1. Hey Paige, thank you for posting all of these remarkable arts and crafts activities. You are so talented. Where did you learn to make these?

    I love how you've created a google slide show presentation to explain how to make each activity and you've also put pictures in to accompany the descriptions. That makes it easy to see what you are talking about.

    Well done, keep up the excellent blog posts.