Monday, 28 August 2017

Recount Of The Best Holidays Ever.

On Friday the last day of school it was finally the holidays. I was thinking about building a snow cave and going to the….. Moon!. So I went there with my parent’s and friends also siblings. It was the best holiday ever.
When  I will get back from the moon I will build me a ……. SNOW CAVE!!. It will be cool I have already planned it when I get back from the awesome moon.
So we all packed our bags and went off. We got in the spaceship and buckled up. Then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off. We were already in space in like 2 seconds. The next minute we were hurtling through space. It was to die for I have never felt very happy in my life. After about an hour we arrived on the moon were rocks began floating. Also we were floating too. It was a cool journey on the moon we took lots of selfies.
After taking lots of selfies we went home and had a big hangi. It was very cool to be on the moon. It was like my first time ever in my life being in outer space. After a long and cool day I started building my cool snow cave. I put mostly everything in there especially my bed. It was cool after building a cave. I took a selfie of it so I can remember it when i grow up. Lost of memories.
After a very long and fun day it was time to …….. Celebrate about going to the moon. There were lots of food, ice-cream, lollies and chocolate, It was very yummy. What a great and happy day.
The End  

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