Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Great Game Of Awesome Narrative.

One day there was a strange thing happening on our pacific atoll island. We found out that there was a secret sidekick around on the island. The sidekick was a very mental man or women he or she was searching for a very special thing that was hidden.  We did not know what they were looking for. But a long long time ago lived this very special type of animal. I have been dying to see it. But it was never to be seen again. So I thought for a bit and when I saw them I heard them talking about that animal. They were searching and they will never stop until they do find it.

Later that day I saw something suspicious when I was walking around on the island something was  hiding.
When I looked closer I saw that it was a little boy. I have never seen anything like it before. I asked him are you ok and he said nothing I think he was lost and shy. I wondered why he had hide in this little house that he made  for years. I did not even know about this sins I saw him that day. When I found him I gave him some food and water so he wouldn't get that hungry. After that I went home and told everyone about that little boy that had  hid in the bushes.
Straight after midnight we heard a big noise coming from the sea. When we down to the beach we saw something coming straight ahead of us and it was a …… ferry boat.
We all have not seen anything like it before. Well only back in the olden days.

On the ferry boat there was group of santa’s. They were bringing their parade over to our island. They had very cool talent. We were very lucky to see a very special performance. Then they left on Thursday because they could not stay behind. They were travelling around the world performing. We shore loved having them here. It was good that they were  keeping us some company. Then we went out for breakfast on the beach.

After a wonderful week we all spend heaps of time with each other. Then we all had a very nice dinner. Soon it was the end of the day.

The Pacific Atoll Island.

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