Thursday, 31 August 2017

Pass The Parcel Story.

One day I was walking to school. When I looked behind me there was a monster chasing me. Hahahaha I was running as fast as I can. But it could not stop, it was too much. So I turned and roared at it. It was so scared and then  it ran away never to be seen again.

I was so scared I went home because I thought it was going to come back. I was scared so I went Straight to bed because I didn’t want to go out of my bed and out of my home too.

Then when I woke up I saw the monster again. He told me that he was sorry and he only wanted to say if I wanted to go to a disco. Then I said yes I would like to go to a disco. But when I went to the disco I started to talk to the food and all the people around me thought I was so crazy and coko because I was just talking to food!

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