Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Duffy Assembly Recount.

WALT: Use interesting words to make your recount more exciting

Introduction: Have you ever had a Duffy Assembly before at you school? Well I am going to tell you about right now so keep on reading. On Wednesday it was time for  a Duffy Assembly at Point England school. Our Duffy assembly started right after lunch in the school hall. Teams 4 and 5 went to go and see this Duffy Assembly for the rest of the day. The actors for the show was Frankie, Molly, and forest there acting names were Melanie,Ashley,and Duffy. There Duffy show was all about the Halloween Bully.

Body 1: So first we made our way to the school hall and sat in our 2 maths lines in front of the stage and the actors. Then when everyone was seated down Molly, Forest and Frankie told us 3 simple rules before the show started. Then when have discussed the 3 rules the show began to start.

Body 2: The Duffy assembly was about The Halloween Bully. They were acting out a story from a book and it was about a ghost bullying a skeleton that had nothing in side of her. Also in real life a girl named Duffy read that story and there were bullying just like the story. So Duffy had a big soccer game coming up and she and her friend Ashley were always playmates. But they are not in the same classroom Ashley is with a girl named Melanie. Ashley always bully her and she always steal her lunch most of the days. So that was what the story about and that was what they acted out for the Duffy Show.

Body 3: My favourite part from the show was when Duffy stand up for Melanie when Duffy caught Ashley bullying Melanie. Also my other favourite part was when Ashley apologized to Melanie after what Ashley has done to Melanie.  The main message was not to bully people.

Conclusion: I learnt not to bully people around you or at school. I think the Duffy show made me feel ashamed at first my now that they are all friends it made me feel happy and great.
The End
WALT: Use interesting words to make your recount more exciting
Task Description: This is a recount story about a Duffy Show that happened On February the 7th. Hope you enjoy reading the recount story. make sure to leave a positive comment and God bless you and your family.
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