Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Back To Back Competition.

Have you ever had a Back To Back Competition before? well i’m to tell you now so keep on reading.

On Tuesday the 20th of February it was time for the Back To Back Competition in Room 8 Literacy. We did this because Miss Parrant thought that It was be fun for Room 8. Also we did this competition outside of our class room on the concrete.

The instructions were to get a partner and one partner has to be a drawer and the other one has to be the talker. So the drawer got a pencil and a paper and the other one got a paper with a picture on it. So we have to do is that we have to be back to back with our partner and the drawer partner has to draw what I say what kind of shapes she has to draw. Also me and my partner was Delijah and she was the drawer and i was the talker.

Me and my partner felt excited because our teacher usually tells us what to do but we can tell eachother what to do so that was fun. So when Delijah was draw she kind of got confused because she did not know what she was drawing. Also it was a bit crazy because it was hard telling her what she had to draw and how she had to listen to me too.

The final picture looked like a kitten made out of shapes. I would change the shapes and make it a bit bigger and a bit more smaller. Also I would change some of the shapes to another shape too.

So that was the cool Back to Back Competition hope you like reading it. Also the competition was a lot of fun so thank you to Miss parrant for providing this fun event for us.
Bye bye

WALT: Follow or give instructions to your peers and create a drawing

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