Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Fun Trip To The Kiwi Kapers Concert.

On Wednesday the 22nd of November it was time to go to the kiwi Kapers concert  Featuring The Dust Palace. Also all our year fives went on this trip will the year sixes were at year six camp. We went on a the bus in our groups.

I saw some very nice instruments that people were holding on the stage. Like the piano, strings, the drummer, harp, trumpet, percussion, cello, trombone, double bass, woodwind, violin and the triangle. What I heard was some beautiful music with all those instruments and they even had an acrobatic dance show to go with the music.

So the music that the orchestra team was playing made me feel happy and little freaky too. But it was cool at the same time because when the acrobats came along with the music it was beautiful and it was very nice because how they dressed up it was amazing. They also looked very pretty in their costumes.

I thought that the trip was amazing and cool. Also the bus ride was a long so I got to sleep very long. The most likeing part that I liked was when the acrobats were dancing and showing their play very nicely. Also when the lady was doing her hula hoop part it was unbelievable because she was doing tricks that I have never seen before. So those were my favourite part and that was my fun day at the Kiwi Kapers Concert.

Walt: Proofread my writing to check that it makes sense and has correct punctuation
Task Description: This is a story about when the year fives went on a trip to the city. It was to watch a Kiwi Kapers concert. Also just to say it was very cool. Hope you enjoy reading it. May God bless you all
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