Friday, 17 November 2017

2017 Athletics Day.

Have you ever done an Athletics Day at your school ? well if you haven't just keep on reading. On Friday the 10th of November it was Athletics Day. It was on the field and our meeting place was the hard courts. Our whole school did and even some of the parents did.

So in the morning we all lined up in our group lines ready start our day. I am in the red house Te Aurere and I am in group 1 out of the year 5s. Because we have spilt all the year 5 students into 2 groups so i got picked to be in group one. Also our teacher for group 1 was Mr Vogt our Makerspace teacher during school.

Our first activity was shot put then tug - o - war, then high jump, then sprints, then discuss, then javelin, then relay with the latter, then relays with the flags, then softball throw, target ball, then vollyball, then last but least dodgeball. So those were all the things group 1 did in order from morning to afternoon. But we still had morning tea and lunch. Also lots of water after all of those 12 activities.

My favourite part was  when we were playing Volleyball and Relay with the flags.  The reason why I liked the Volleyball games because it is one of my favourite sports and because it is a team effort game when you versus another team. Also the relay flag activity is  because I like how you jump over 2 orange hurdles. Then you go through the red flag and roll over go around the pole then back to your team. So those were my favourite activities hope you liked it.

Then it was the end of the day we all headed back to our class rooms. After that we lined up and headed off to the field. Ready to see teachers and parents relay runs. Also some of the year 5 and sixes did it. Then after a long Friday we all headed off to our class rooms ready to go home.

The End

Walt: Proofread my writing after I write a recount
Task description: This is a recount story about Point England school's 2017 annule Athletics day. Hope you enjoy reading this story. God bless you all 
Bye bye

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