Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Fluffy Bunny Challenge.

Have you stuffed a LOT of marshmallows in your mouth before?

Today 4 people stuffed marshmallows in their mouth and then they had to say chubby bunny after they put a marshmallows in their mouth.There is more if you want to read.

On Friday the 4th  Rm 6 played the Fluffy Bunny challenge. There were 4 people and 2 people were playing it first. Then Miss Scanlan gave both of them 1 marshmallow each and every time they put 1 marshmallow in their mouth they have to say fluffy bunny. When they could not say fluffy bunny and there was heaps of marshmallows in their mouth they had to spit it out and  is was funny and gross. After that is was the next 2 people’s turn to play the game and they did the same thing as the other 2. Everybody was laughing  while they were doing the game it was very funny and fun.

I thought the Fluffy Bunny challenge was fun and cool. I was laughing through the hole game.
This is Kurtis putting on a bunny suit.

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