Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Guess what! Rm 6 played fun game called Charades.

The game is called Charades and how it works is we splitted up into 3 teams 1 team, 2 team and he 3 team. Then Miss Scanlan called out 1 actor from each team. After that they went up and got a card each and they had to go back to their team and the card that they got had a word on it and  that was the one they had to act every time they got a card. Also every time they get a card and act it out they have to keep the card and then at the end of the game we count how many card we have altogether. The winners group was team 2.

My favourite part was when King was trying to act out Mr Moran. The really 2 trick parts was when King was acting out Mr Moran and Tatiana was acting out a butterfly and it was very hard to guess.

I've never played Charades before but it was very fun when I played it the first time. Also when people were acting out the things it was very hard to guess out but it was still fun.

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