Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly.

On Monday the 16th of october it was time to go back to school. Also is was finally term 4 and the theme was Musical Madness. So in the morning the whole school had an a assembly all about making music, singing, and creating our own instruments with things  around us. So that is our theme for this term.

Paraghraph 1:
The whole school is going to be creating music and learning how to make some instruments with some things that they have never used before. So
Team 1 - Is doing an emotion thing how you like play cards but with different emotioned songs.

Team 2 - Was singing  a song with some instruments coming around and grooving into the song.

Team 3 - Well there one was beyond funny because they lip singed with different kind of songs when they were talking to each other.

Team 4-  Our team 4 teachers did like a karaoke car pull. It is some people are in a car and they turn on the radio. After that whatever song that comes on they lip sing to it. So that is what our team is doing for the term.

Paragraph 2:
So our team movie was all about a karaoke car pull. If you do not know what it is keep on reading. So when you are in a car with your friends and some music comes on they kind of lip sing to it. So that is what you are supposed to do in a karaoke car pull. I also thought it was a very cool movie about that karaoke car pull.

Paragraph 3:
I would want to do make my own instrument and make my own music. Also to make the instruments I would use some things around me and some things that have never used before.

I think that the new theme for term 4 is very brilliant because we have not done a music kind of theme before. So I am very looking forward to the new term and the new topic Musical Madness.

Task Description: This is a writing recount about our new term that is called Musical Madness. So that is our new theme for term 4. Hope you enjoy,
God Bless you all

Bye Bye

Walt: Write a recount about the term 4 Immersion Assembly

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