Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Matariki Celebration.

Last Friday on the 23th of June Pt england school had a Matariki Celebration. The whole school  had to go in different classes. But first we went to our home classes and then we got a name tag with a room number on it.

I was in room 2 in the seniors block. We did the roll first and then we got right into it. Our teacher’s were Whaea Kally and Ms Tapuke. Then the teacher’s split us into 2 even groups. There was a Group 1 and a Group 2. Group 1 firstly started doing some art’s and craft and Group 2 firstly started to do cooking. So the art and craft kids were doing weaving and making Matariki stars and the cooking kids were making some fried bread.Before lunch we had a big lunch together it was so yummy. We had trifle, sausage sizzles and fried bread that we made.

My favourite parts were the big shared lunch, art’s and craft and making fried bread.

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