Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The 2 Best Friends That Grew Bigger And Bigger.

Once upon a time there were 2 rabbits one was named Snuggles and the other one was named Pickles. They were walking along the river eating their delicious apple. This happened on a Monday morning when they got up and walked to the river that how they got there. They came from a funny  place called Rabbit Island where they can do anything they wanted to do.

Then they magically appeared in a funny place called despair .They found all of these potions and they drank one that made them bigger and bigger. Then they appeared in a country called New Zealand it was a weird place they said to their Island. When they were there they walked around and saw a town of humans. The humans saw the big giant rabbits and they started to run. The rabbits stomped on the houses and cars, the city was wrecked down. Some of the people got ate by the rabbits. When the rabbits finished eating some of  the humans they shrunk.

Finally the they are back to normal and still cute. That was funny journey with Snuggles and Pickles.

They lived Happily Ever After.

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