Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The awesome trip to Te Tuhi.

Today Room 13 went on a trip to Te Tuhi. We went on a bus and when we got on the bus we sat down quietly. Then we got of the bus and went inside Te Tuhi. Then we met a man called Jeremy. Jeremy asked us to stand in 2 lines so we did. Then he showed us the Art gallrey and he told us to sit down on a chair. We had a blue cardboard and had a lot of colourful shapes. Then we tried to make our own Dream House with the colourful shapes. Then we had to outline it with a black vivid. After we outlined it we put cool designs on it with a pencil. After we finished our Dream House art Jeremy showed us 3 things and it was watching videos and the first video was called Beauty and the Best but different to the carton one. The second one was called Melting Medal. The last thing we saw was a paintings of your friends head. After that we left with our pictures and said bye Jeremy !

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