Friday, 16 March 2018

Jump! Reading Activity.


Questions from the reading 

Who are the main characters in the story?
Pania, Matiu, and Uncle Hone.

What are they standing on at the top of the building?
See through and clear thick glass.

Do you think standing on this would be scary? Why/why not?
Yes, because it feels like that you are going to drop out of  West Building.

How high up were they?
They were 292 meters high from the ground.

What are some of the things that they could see on the ground?
They could see people that are like little ants, Grandma’s house, the harbour, and the stadium

What happened to Matiu? How was he feeling and why?
Matiu was feeling a bit dizzy and he felt like fainting because he was looking from all the way to the ground.

How come Matiu couldn’t jump off?
He could not jump of because he was too small for the harness and because you have to be at least 35 kilograms to fit in it.

Why do you think it would be a good idea to have a weight or height restriction?
Because they just have to check if the harness can fit you and see if it is all tight IF you can fit it. Also they have to see if you jump the right way and if you would want to do it.

What tower is the one in the book similar to?
The West Tower is similar to the Sky tower in New Zealand one of the highest and biggest building in the world.

What did Matiu do at the end of the story on the glass?
He strolled on the glass and did a 5 second haka. Also the crowd gave him a round of applause.

What do you think of the joke picture?
It looks very real and it looks very dangerous because Pania was pushing Matiu of the West Tower.

How do you think Nan will like that as  a christmas card?
Very terrified and worried about Matiu going down the West Tower when it was too big……...

True or False?
Matiu wanted to bungy jump and so did Pania.
Pania said not and Matiu said yes.
They could see the city at the top of the building.
They were look down from the tower and standing on the clear glass.
They were 295m high in the building.
They were 292 meters high in the building.
They were standing on glass floors that were like concrete.
Because there was a sign that said it is very safe and it is thick as concret too.
They all did the bungy jump off the tower at the end.
No, because pania and Matiu agrred to what uncle Hone said that if they wanted to take a fake photo in the green space. Also the fake photo was that they were standing at the bungy jump off and Pania pretend to push him of the West Tower.
Matiu couldn’t jump because he was too scared.
He could not jump because he was too small to fit in the harness because you have to be at least 35 kilograms. And he is only nearly 25 kilograms.

Alternative Ending:
“Would you guys like to take a photo” said uncle Hone, “YES!!” Said Pania and Mutiu at the same time. Wow great photo guys said uncle Hone. Really that picture is of me and Pania jumping of the West tower, when Matiu looked at the picture again he felt he's going to faint even more.

Task Description: This is a reading activity about a story called Jump! Hope you enjoy looking at this reading activity. Also make sure to leave a blog comment on my blog ( if you like it ).
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