Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country.

On Friday the 19th of August Pt england school  had  Cross Country Day. It was after lunch, and before lunch we had to change in our house clothes. Then the bell rang and it was time to do some Cross Country running.

For Cross Country I was in Te Aurere the Red Team. I tried my best because I was running like a cheetah and jogging when I ran out of breath. Also I had a stitch when I was running too. I was a champion in Cross Country because I can run 10000 m around Pt England School.

In the middle of my photo is me Api and Trinity sitting together and smiling together. On the side of us it is my best friend Leilani and Brooklyn running to the finish line. On the left of me friends is the whole school sitting on the hard court and listening to Mr Burt saying a speech.

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